December 10, 2020

Vacation Home Rentals Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, Ft Myers & Sanibel

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Vacation Home Rentals Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, Ft Myers & Sanibel

Vacation Home Rentals Cap eCoral, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers and Sanibel: Please visit our vacation rental site:

As the owner of a property in Florida, you are faced with considerable running costs. Even if you are not present, electricity costs will be incurred as the air conditioning system must be in regular operation to prevent the formation of mold due to the high humidity and temperatures. Additionally, your pool needs constant circulation, which means that your pool equipment will permanently drain your wallet. Even if no water is used, there is at least a basic contribution due. Regular services such as lawn and pool services and pest control must be provided when you are away in order to keep your property in good condition. The amount of the annual property tax and the insurance premiums are not influenced by whether tenants live there permanently or whether it is vacant for a longer period of time. Many owners decide to offer their house as a vacation rental so that expenditure does not outweigh income. Home 24/7 can be your strong partner! We take over the renting of your vacation home!

We offer a free presentation of your vacation villa on our website. We also list your property on a wide network of rental portals in order to generate a steady income for you. In order to achieve a maximum turnaround, we also work with a professional and reputable agency that focuses solely on the rental of vacation properties and has been operating successfully in the Cape Coral market for over ten years. We also work with other agencies on request. If you decide for Home 24/7, we do not demand exclusivity! Even if you decide to market your vacation home in part or completely on your own, this is no problem for us. If you maintain your own homepage for your property, we will be happy to add your own link on our website and refer to your homepage.

If you opt for our rental service, we will answer all of your booking inquiries. We will also take care of the entire contract processing if desired. We draw up the rental contracts for you, are the main contact for the vacation guests and take over the complete communication with your guests. On your behalf, we request the down payment and monitor the timely receipt of payment of the balance. Before the guests arrive, we will provide them with information regarding access to the house and other useful information. After the guests have left and the property has been checked for damage, we handle the settlement of any outstanding amounts and the refund of the deposit. The maintenance and monitoring of the reservation plans of the vacation homes complete our offer around the rental of vacation homes.

Claudia & Dennis Junk, Home 24/7 Inc

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