April 16, 2024

Naples Sellers Agent – Naples Area Real Estate Listing Agents

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Kirsten Prizzi, Naples Realtor, 239-248-1667

 Naples Sellers Agent – Naples Area Real Estate Listing Agents

Naples Sellers Agent – Naples Area Real Estate Listing Agents

Naples Sellers Agent: our Realtors at Posh International Properties are your Listing Agents when it comes to selling Naples greater area real estate. There are sellers agents, and there are selling agents, and no, they're not the same. They don't represent the same parties, even so they sound like there are the same, but they are not.

Naples Sellers Agent – Naples Area Real Estate Listing Agents  

A listing agent does what the name implies— he/she lists a property for sale. She works for the seller, and is sometimes also referred to as the seller's agent. It's her job to properly market the property and to get it sold.

What is a Sellers Agent

A seller’s agent, or seller’s real estate agent also known as the listing agent, is a professional who helps list the property for sale.The sellers agent represents the person selling the property and holdsallegiance to that party.

What is a Selling Agent  

A selling agent is the buyer's agent. The selling agent brings buyers to the table. In this respect, he also gets a property sold.

In Florida sellers and buyers of property can hire real estate agents to represent them in the course of a real estate transaction. Agents can represent either the buyer or the seller, and in some cases they represent both as a transaction broker. It is a good idea for the seller and buyer to each have his or her own Florida real estate agent working for them and representing their interests and goals.

The Florida sellers agent focuses on selling the property according to the terms that are set between the seller and the Naples listing agent in the listing agreement. This includes getting the best price for the property, negotiating terms, selling it quickly and managing the transaction such as advertising & marketing and scheduling appointments. The sellers agent is often called the listing agent and the Listing agent places the home on the multiple listing service and other online real estate portals.

The sellers agent works with the buyers agent to negotiate all terms of the sale. This includes presenting the seller with all offers, negotiating the terms exclusively for the seller’s benefit, coordinates the closing and turnover of the property.


Before listing your property with a Sellers Agent

Please Check Your Curb Appeal. A home that’s appealing with great curb appeal and in very good condition will attract potential buyers driving down the street.

Are your lawn and shrubs well maintained?

Do you have any cracks in the foundation or walkways?

Does the driveway or patio need resurfacing?

Does your pool need resurfacing?

Are your gutters cleaned and in good conditions?

Are your doors or walls interior and exterior need

a coat of fresh paint?

Remove all clutter from the home and either

donate or store away.

Always close the garage door.

Order fresh mulch or rocks.

Wash curtains and have carpets cleaned.

Keep in mind it’s your money you are losing if the house is filled with clutter or lacks maintenance. If you need help getting your house or condo ready for the listing photo appointment, we are working with interior designers, home stager's and handymen as well as contractors of all trades.

Professional listing photos from the first day of the listing are as important as the your curb-appeal of your home.


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Naples Sellers Agent - Kirsten Prizzi, CIPS

Kirsten Prizzi, Naples Realtor @ Posh International Properties

Naples Real Estate Broker, Direct: 239-248-1667 Posh International Properties LLC

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