October 12, 2020

German Property Management & Home Watch Service Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach & Sanibel

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Claudia Junk, Cape Coral Real Estate Agent, 323-327-1266

German Property Management & Home Watch Service Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach & Sanibel

German Property Management & Home Watch Service Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach & Sanibel

Please visit our site: https://www.home24seven.com/en/property-management-cape-coral/

A German property manager makes sense in Cape Coral, Florida. More than in any other state in the USA, there is a considerable need for real estate managers. The majority of owners are “absent owners”, people who own real estate but do not reside at that property. We have made it our task to provide support to these property owners.

Have you fulfilled your dream of owning a property in the Sunshine State of Florida or would you like to realize it? Do not hesitate and contact us today. We offer you an all-inclusive service. As a German property management provider, we know exactly what your fears and worries are.

You are looking for a professional, transparent, flexible and trustworthy German property management in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel or Bonita? We would be pleased to assist you personally and individually. The modular structure of our service allows you to decide what we do for you. You have and keep complete cost control. You will receive original invoices upon request. We did not choose the name “Home 24/7” for our property management by chance and it is guaranteed to be no empty phrase. We are there for you and your customers and keep constant personal contact.

Our service is offered on request as an all-around service. Our know-how allows us to cover all the financial and tax needs of our customers in-house, as well as all matters relating to the property. Our partner “Accounting 24/7” is at your side. Whether regular bookkeeping, revenue or cost overview, evaluations or handling of all tax-relevant matters.

In addition to administration, the care and maintenance of the property is another important factor that we can offer our customers in full. The majority of necessary repairs are also carried out in-house. A network of specialized companies completes our service. Here, too, transparency and cost control are particularly important to us. You decide when, for what and to what extent we may dispose of your money.

You are also at the right address if you want to market your property professionally. It is completely up to you whether you want our one-stop service, take over the marketing completely on your own or if we only support you.

Dennis & Claudia Junk, Home 24/7 Inc

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