December 10, 2020

Florida Home Inspections

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Florida Home Inspections

Why you should hire a home inspector in Florida - You just found your perfect house, but it is important to remember that it may not be perfect and our home inspectors just want to make sure that it not turns into one of your nightmares.

Inspections are a common part of a real estate transaction and include the inspections for termites, radon, mold and structural inspections.

The structural inspection may be the most important component for a homebuyer. An inspector travels to the property to determine if there are physical defects and whether extensive and expensive repairs are likely to be needed in the next few years.

A home inspection for a single-family home can last for two to three hours, and the buyer should attend. It represents a chance for the buyer to closely examine the purchase, ask questions and learn more about the property. Homebuyers usually seek an inspection after signing a contract or purchase agreement with the seller. The results of the inspection may be available within a few days. The inspector will review the findings and let the potential buyer know about any costly or potentially hazardous conditions.

We recommend that a home inspection should be included in a purchase offer and the sale should be contingent upon the home inspection. This allows the buyer to back out of a deal if a major problem is found. Additionally, if costly repairs are required, the seller might adjust the price of the home or terms of the contract.

At the conclusion of the inspection, a buyer should know all positive and negative aspects of the home about to be purchased as well as any repairs that might be needed, when buying S Florida real Estate. The buyer should also be aware of any safety issues that need attention.

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