Absentee ownership in Florida: A good choice for many

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Absentee ownership in Florida

A good choice for many

Personal property management is very important of the budgetary reality of managing a second or vacation home from afar. With absentee property management & home watch services, you can afford to have the convenience of a second or vacation home in Florida.

House and property management expenses for a second home in Florida are very important key factors for the decision making in purchasing a vacation home in Florida.

Many questions related to absentee ownership will pop up:

  • Can I pay my bills from far away?
  • Who is cutting the grass while I am a way?
  • Can I rent my home to snow birds and vacation & seasonal renters to recover some of my annual house expenses?

Estimated home expenses for a vacation home in Florida

  • Property Management: $ 125.00 - $ 150.00/month
  • Pool-Service: $ 90.00 - $ 125.00 / month
  • Lawn Service: $ 90.00/month/Corner lot $ 125.00/month
  • Power/depending on usage and size: $ 80.00 to $ 300 /month
  • Water/depending on usage: $ 60 - $ 200
  • + Insurance & Property Taxes

Please keep in mind, if you purchase a vacation home in a gated community that many of the expenses such as insurance, cable, sewer and lawn care is often included in the homeowner association fee.
Also if your are interested in renting your Florida home to vacation and seasonal tenants, please check the rental policies very carefully before making an offer!