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Buying Naples Area Real Estate is a complex matter and buyers need to be more educated than ever before they begin the process of buying their perfect home.
The Florida West Coast real estate market turned from a buyer's market to a seller's market in just a short time. While there are still great deals to be found buyers need to be more informed about the local market to find their dream home.
Here you will find practical tips for buying your dream home in SW Florida.

First Time Home Buyer Florida Information

Should I buy or should I rent?
A home is an investment. When you rent, you write a monthly check to your landlord and that money is gone forever. You will never be able to really make it your home, every upgrade you do to a rental is money in your landlords' pocket. When you own your home or condo, you can deduct the cost of your mortgage loan interest from your federal income taxes...

Absentee ownership in Florida: A good choice for many

Personal property management is very important of the budgetary reality of managing a second or vacation home from afar. With absentee property management & home watch services, you can afford to have the convenience of a second or vacation home in Florida. Find more information in my real estate buyer's guide ...

Credit Score Impact on mortgage rates

What is a credit score?
A credit score is a number that lenders use to determine the risk on lending money. Experience has shown lenders that borrowers with a higher credit score are less likely to default on a mortgage loan ...

Naples Buyer's Agent for SW Florida

Here is what a buyer’s agent will assist you with: The licensed real estate agent knows how to help you avoid getting harmed in a real estate purchase transaction such as paying too much, getting a house with hidden defects and how to protect your best interests. In Florida real estate agents can also opt to be a transaction broker. As a home buyer you are best protected if you sign up to work with a Realtor that represents you as your buyer’s agent.... Naples Buyer's Agent