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Sanibel Island Real Estate

Welcome to the world of homeownership. I am serving home buyers and home selles The Real Estate Market from Sanibel Island to Fort Myers Beach. My website offers useful information that will assist you in making educated decisions when looking for Sanibel Island real estate.

Sanibel Island Real Estate

Sanibel Island, Florida is the perfect choice for your vacation home. Sanibel Island provides for the perfect vacations. Enjoy 15 miles of unspoiled beaches, 22 miles of bike paths, 50 types of fish, 230 types of birds and 250 types of shells.

One of the most important and exciting decisions you make in your lifetime is the buying or selling of your home, vacation home, beachfront property, vacation condo or luxury estate in Sanibel Island, a moment that opens the door to the future in beautiful spots such as Sanibel Island. Homeownership not only represents a financial investment and commitment of enormous scope, it also has consequences that can significantly affect your life style & the quality of your life. For these reasons, your decision to buy or sell a home is best made in consultation with experienced professionals who live in the area.

I established these real estate services website to provide exceptional insight and reliable assistance to customers and clients seeking professional advice. Since then, I have assembled a small selected team, each of whom share her passion for real estate & property management service as well as a commitment to accuracy, attention to detail, and the highest ethical standards. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting in Southwest Florida, I will open new doors for you. I look forward to providing you with the personalized service you deserve.

Sanibel Island Real Estate - Home Inspections

You just found your perfect house, but it is important to remember that it may not be perfect and our home inspectors just want to make sure that it not turns into one of your nightmares.

Inspections are a common part of a real estate transaction and include the inspections for termites, radon, mold and structural inspections.

The structural inspection may be the most important component for a homebuyer. An inspector travels to the property to determine if there are physical defects and whether extensive and expensive repairs are likely to be needed in the next few years.

A home inspection for a single-family home can last for two to three hours, and the buyer should attend. It represents a chance for the buyer to closely examine the purchase, ask questions and learn more about the property. Homebuyers usually seek an inspection after signing a contract or purchase agreement with the seller. The results of the inspection may be available within a few days. The inspector will review the findings and let the potential buyer know about any costly or potentially hazardous conditions.

We recommend that a home inspection should be included in a purchase offer and the sale should be contingent upon the home inspection. This allows the buyer to back out of a deal if a major problem is found. Additionally, if costly repairs are required, the seller might adjust the price of the home or terms of the contract.

At the conclusion of the inspection, a buyer should know all positive and negative aspects of the home about to be purchased as well as any repairs that might be needed, when buying Sanibel Island real estate. The buyer should also be aware of any safety issues that need attention.

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