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Captiva Island Homes for Sale

Captiva Island Homes for Sale: Once you entering Captiva Island you will be captivated by beautiful, alluring nature, where once, pirates roamed, conquistadors explored and Calusa Indians called home. The mystery and adventure is still here. Treasures to be found in the way of a good life, spectacular white sand beaches, pastel colored seashells and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Captiva Island Homes for Sale

Here among the Captiva Island Homes for Sale you will find your dream vacation home, second home or even your primary residence, among superb restaurants & shopping, golfing, tennis, fishing, boating & children's activities.

Location & Value: One of the most important elements in the value of property obviously is location in Sanibel Island as anywhere else in the world. Before you purchase a home, be sure to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. How far will you have to travel to get to shopping and restaurants, or to the beach?

An even better buy and invest in a sound property in a more modest area that will increase in value in the future. Captiva Island Homes for Sale can be found in neighborhoods that are ripe for restoration are next to a prestigious area or in a good walk-to-work location and have houses that are fixer-uppers with realistic price tags.

Do I buy new or old?

Old Homes

The pro of an old home is generally found on a larger lot because land was cheaper in the past. Today the value of land is much higher, and therefore lot sizes are much smaller. Many craftsman-style houses were built with great attention to detail, adding more character. This might be appealing because it offers a unique look rather than a cookie-cutter appearance of a newer home. Also, the neighborhoods are more established; which decreases the chance of re-zoning or building non-residential properties. Cons: Two of the biggest drawbacks are maintenance and repairs. It can get expensive to replace wiring, plumbing, foundation problems and appliances. The listing price might be lower than a new home, but the amount of money for updates might exceed your budget, when looking for Captiva Island Homes for Sale. Another downside is the amount of storage space available. Unless the house has been updated recently, the amount of closet and storage space might be limited.

New Homes

The pros of a new home follow strict builder regulations and updated hurricane codes that focus on homeowner safety. There are more amenities such as master suites, half baths and additional guest bath. The home size and square footage tends to be larger than an old home due to building up for small lots. Clearly the maintenance on a new home is less. Cons are unfortunately, newer homes have often a cookie-cutter feel and almost look identical to other newer homes. Most new builder style homes have one to three different floor plans and outside curb appeal. There isn't a lot of variety in appearance, floor plan and landscaping. A brand new home might not come with the 50 year old Royal Palms along the drive way than an older home. Landscaping costs can get expensive. In an older home, landscaping is more prevalent giving trees, plants and flowers time to mature. As urban sprawl increases so does your commuting time. Older homes were designed to be closer to downtown or a major city.

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