Crystal Grid: Enhance your home with the most powerful Crystal House Grids

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Crystal Grid: Enhance your home with the most powerful Crystal House Grids

Crystal Grid: Crystal house grids are an incredibly powerful energy tool to use when enhancing your existing home or new home, even if you plan on selling your home and it is not selling for any reason and you decide to shift the energy around and trust me it will shift the energy.

What is a Crystal Grid and how does it work?

A Crystal Grid is a part of ancient sacred geometrics. There are 4 very powerful geometric. The power of a crystal grid comes from the joining powers of energies created between the carefully selected and sacred crystals, the sacred geometry, the energy of light and our pure and positive intention.

Sacred geometry - Crystal Grid for your home or business, Naples, Bonita Springs

As a Realtor for almost 30 years I have toured many homes from short sales to multimillion dollar homes, beachfront, ranch properties, hotels, churches, retail & office space, everything. Most spaces show very well, some need some TLC, and some are real fixer uppers, all with their own personal charm - some more some less, some fantastic and some are a lot of work. But there is one particular group that needs much more than just some touch up or some TLC. Did you ever stepped into a house, condo or some other structure that didn’t feel quite right and stopped you from going any further than the front door? Yes, these homes & structures exists and yes you can even shift the energy in those homes as well with sacred geometry. You can’t change an awkward layout or floorplan with sacred geometry but you can shift the energy.

We are all looking for a sanctuary at home and at work, it is always fun to get up in the morning knowing that we are going to work in a pleasant work environment and I am not talking the boss being the entertainer of the year, just the space makes you feel good and if it makes you feel good the rest of the team feels good as well rather than working in a negative energy work environment. The same applies for our homes our special sanctuaries where we should feel safe and happy. Today with the internet and social media we are surrounded by horrific news all day everywhere and it is very important for everyone to come home to our personal sanctuary, doesn’t matter if a condo big or small, cottage, house or mansion, we all should live a blessed life and in a safe environment.

Yes, Sacred Geometry is for homes and work environments as well as pleasant place such as Disney World which was built on Sacred Geometry as well as known architectures such as the Cathedral at Notre Dame, the Taj Mahal and the Capital Building in Washington, DC. If they did why shouldn’t you believe in the power of Sacred Geometry.

Preparation Work

Sacred geometry - Crystal Grid for your home or business, Naples, Bonita SpringsCould you go and just buy a black tourmaline and a selenite online or in a crystal store? Sure you can and they will tell you that you just have to put them in the 4 corners of your house - your choice inside and outside – That’s it!!! Will it help? Well it might, but what is sure is only that it will not harm you. Honestly would you get married at a Walmart Superstore or buy your engagement ring at T.J. Maxx? Don’t get me wrong great stores but not great places to get married and not great place to buy your tools for a house grid. I just went shopping for a client of mine, I recognized a lot of beautiful mystical decoration from the teachings of the Modern Mystery School and the Lineage of King Salomon teachings from mermaids to unicorns (unicorns are my favorite– how can I resist when a unicorn has been in my family’s coat of arms long before the United States of America was even founded, designed in Southern Germany) and many large crystals. Go for it it’s all fun and beautiful but just for decoration purpose and to keep you smiling.

Our Crystal Grids are not done with black tourmalines and selenite’s or crystals from a general store.

The preparation can take hours to a day depending on the size of the home or if you decide just to do a room. It is always best to Crystal Grid the house after the painters left and right before you move in – that would be a perfect condition. But life is not always perfect, sometimes you move into your dream home and you feel that it needs some energy uplifting or sometimes even years later after you moved in. The perfect grid needs to be selected as well as the sacred crystals. Then a lot of furniture has to be moved out of the way to install the perfect sacred crystal grid, measurements needs to be taken etc. It generally takes 2 people to put in a geometric grid.

Some of the grids are for just a room and some are for the entire house or property. Additionally, they bring in slightly different energies, but all bring in divine protection. You may have many grids or just one depending on what you need. These grids are permanent unless the crystals are moved so the crystals are put in very carefully. In some of the grids we can work around furniture but some require the room to be empty. I would meet with you to determine which grid or grids would be most appropriate depending on your needs.

Before I became a student in early of 2017 with the Modern Mystery School I spoiled myself with crystal healings which drew my interest more and more to become a student and healer myself. The Modern Mystery School is an international community of light workers, initiated in an ancient tradition of service, compassion and empowerment. The Modern Mystery School head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with practitioners and instructors all over the world & with the wonderful Barbara Segura residing in beautiful Naples Florida. Barbara has been my teacher in many teachings in preparation for the Healers Academy in Toronto. The mystery school believes that all humans can be empowered to live in peace, joy, fulfillment, abundance, harmony with all, while being in accordance to their own unique purpose. We believe that life is meant to be lived, and realizing your own true potential is part of thriving as a spiritual and physical being.

If you are interested in an installation of a crystal grid in your home or place of business, please feel free to contact me and Barbara and I will be delighted to prepare an estimate for your sanctuary.

Kirsten Prizzi

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